Take control of your EV conversion or racecar with the 8-button CAN keypad!


Take control of your EV conversion or racecar with the 8-button can keypad


HAWTHORNE, CA — The AEM EV 8-Button CAN Keypad (PN 30-8400) puts control at your fingertips in EV street-conversion and motorsports vehicles. It allows you to control vehicle functions by sending signals via CAN bus to the AEM EV VCU200 and VCU300 Vehicle Control Units! (The 8-Button CAN Keypad is for use with EV VCUs only and is not designed for use with internal combustion engine ECUs.) Please download the jobber price sheet and the AEM EV Prodyct Jobber Price File for complete product information. Links to high resolution and web-ready images are linked in the product information sections below.

Functions like Ignition, Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive, as well as two map switching functions like performance level and traction control, are all controlled from a central location through a sleek, vibrant interface.

The 8-Button CAN keypad has nine backlit colors that are all fully programmable using AEMcal software. The LEDs deliver a lively opening ceremony when powering up, which is user-programmable. Users can select backlighting for each individual button, or group of buttons, and have the backlighting for whatever mode is selected change color so you always know what drive mode, power mode or traction mode you are in!

More than just aesthetics though, the backlighting is used to alert you to any potential issues and whether everything is functioning properly to keep you safe. For instance, when the Ignition switch is pressed three color states verify that everything is working correctly. When the contactors are open there is no backlight, and when the pre charge process begins the backlight turns yellow. Once the pre-charge process is complete and the contactors close the backlight turns green to notify you that the vehicle is safe to operate, and if a fault is detected the backlight turns red.

The 8-Button CAN keypad has a ruggedized rubber enclosure with two mounting studs on the back, and in addition to color-changing backlighting, positive-feel buttons provide a tactile response that takes the guesswork out of whether or not you pressed the button hard enough.

The VCU200 supports direct-drive only, and the button functions are fixed. The top row of buttons control P, R, N and D, and the bottom row buttons control ignition, performance level, auxiliary control for a dedicated 20 Amp PDU output, and traction control slip target (coming soon).

The same button functions are used on direct-drive applications when using the VCU300, however, AEM EV includes a different fixed configuration when using the VCU300 on indirect drive vehicles.

We know that space limitations for mounting –and user preferences—are important considerations, so we made sure that the 8-Button CAN Keypad can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The buttons can be easily taken off and clocked 90-degrees or even 180-degrees for users with right hand drive vehicles.


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